Jessica Henry

Capturing the Imagination- Classical Impressionistic Paintings

Poetry on Canvas: Capturing the Imagination

I believe that art is timeless and has the power to reveal not just the soul of a portrait or the spirit of a landscape, rather it does something transformative to the viewer, awakening that element of the soul that looks on at what the artist has communicated and the poetry transcends time.Nothing gives me such pure unadulterated joy as creating works of art that I personally will enjoy forever.  I respond to the rhythm and harmony found in simple everyday life and what is reflected on canvas in the poetry found therein.

  Detail from "The Heart Hath It's Own Memory" 24" x 36" 


New from Jessica Henry:

Featured artwork for the upcoming project "Welcoming the Sunrise" 

   "Hope" 16 x 20   "Peace"  16" x 20"